Back in June my friend Mads and I decided to ride to Brighton, the route would be semi-off road (read: bridleways) and would involve one night camping, a perfect opportunity for me to test my newly acquired bike packing gear. Come Saturday morning we set off a bit late (Mads had been out the night before, I am lazy), and headed to the Hampton Ferry (Founded in 1514, it’s one of the oldest companies in the UK). The ferry man said we were lucky to arrive when we did as it had been raining torrentially shortly before, we’d been blissfully unaware in a bubble of sunshine, clearly a good omen. Following the Thames South West for most of the route, we eventually turned due South to camp just below Guildford. We pitched camp, setting up under my tarp, and deciding to go the pub for beer, we were also treated to a free lecture from the landlord on the evils of the EU.

Day two brought a bright morning, and a slug who had decided to have an adventure of his own, into my sleeping bag. Enlivened by beans and hot beverages we packed up and hit the road. Most of the the route followed a disused rail line, until we turned off for lunch in the shadow of the South Downs Way. It came as a welcome break as the path I’d picked to turn off involved a fair portion of riding through waist high nettles and brambles mixed in with long grass which threatened to jam our derailleurs. Once revived we scaled the chalk wall and rode a short section of the South Downs Way before descending into Brighton for some much needed fish and chips.

Ride on Strava – Day 1 and Day 2

Instagram – JackDixDavies and Hulsroy

Hes some photos of a trip I did last weekend up to Northampton to see the Ministry of Bicycles BOMBERDROME and visit Billy no tats and the MNIPN shed.

Full write up on SKULLBIKECLUB

I need to move to the sticks… I vote we knock down all the houses and plant trees and build trails in their place… If only all commutes were like this…


We built this single speed 29er for Mark a while ago and just realized we forgot to blog it!

Surly Karate Monkey Special Ops. Love the orange lacquer over the raw steel!
Gusset 44mm Mix n Match headset so you can run a tapered suspension fork if you want.
Chinese Carbon Bars, Stem and Post. Cheap weight saving if you trust it 😉
Continental X-King Tyres for a bit of an all-rounder
Dt Swiss Wheels M1900
Shimano Deore Brakes
Shimano Zee Crank
KMC Chain
Gusset SS Cog
Madison Flux Saddle

Switch the drop outs and it’ll take a geared drive chain. The 44mm headtube and 1-1/2″ bottom headset cup mean it’ll take a tapered suspension fork easily too.
The wheels also come with interchangeable axles/end caps, so can be switched between QR or Through axle in seconds.

I’ve been getting my sewing skills and materials dialled in for a few weeks now. I’ve started making wallets to sell. I’ve already shipped out four, three to America and one to Ireland.

You can buy them in our web shop

They’re made using recycled Thomson bike parts bags and 1000D Curdura with grosgrain edging and tough polyester thread so they’re built to last!

-Note pocket
-Two bank card pockets
-Zipperless coin holder

The LEGEND Greg Falski featured the shop in his most recent issue of SOFB… We’re P.66 onward but theres loads of other awesome stuff in there… Be sure to have a read!

So we got a sewing machine recently and I’ve been making a few things. All the things I learnt at secondary school, in home economics class have finally come to use…

This is my first attempt at a roll-top rack bag. I made it for Marks Velo Orange Porteur Rack. It turned out pretty sweet! Few things need improvement but I’m pretty happy with it…

Couple of nice features include
Creased seams to give the bag shape.
I used some 5mm brake cable outer inside the top seam to give it some rigidity and make rolling the top easier.
Easy access pockets on the riders side so you can have a few small items or snacks to hand whilst riding
Added female buckles on the side with no pockets so you can use the rack straps from the underside along with extra shoulder straps and turn it in to a crude backpack if you need to…
I sewed in a piece of 6mm yoga matt in to the base to stop your belongings bouncing around or rattling on the rack beneath.

Some parts are a little wonky in places but it just adds to the hand made charm 😉

The first Bag I made was a zipper-less roll-top frame bag for my One One 29er. Its a super simple bag made from 3 pieces of 1000D Cordura, 25 and 50cm webbing, 2 buckles and some velcro.

Weird bars, weirder bikes, we’ve been fans of Jeff Jones for ages. Cool to see him talk about his designs and ripping trails too.

We built this Surly Straggler for Andrew as a super comfortable solid commuter and potential tourer.

Raleigh True Built wheels
Panaracer Pasela 37c tyres
Shimano deore groupset
Avid BB5 disc brakes
brand x bars
Madison Flux saddle
Axiom rack
VP sealed pedals
Pit lock security skewers
Kryptonite mini Dlock

Can you believe this weather?

This will probably be the last weekend of dry trails out in Epping so were going to make the most of it. Last week was great with a few new faces and all types of bikes. Everyone had such a good time were gonna do it again.

Same deal as last time.
We’ll ride out along Lea Bridge Rd and take the trail in from Forest Rise. Should be about 20-30 mile round trip back around 4-5pm including a pub stop or two
Pace will be a relaxed no man/woman left behind.

Meet at the shop 41 Cropley St, N1 7HT


We will have a jet wash to clean the bikes at the shop after.

An off road capable bike i.e knobbly tyres and brakes that work (cross is ok)
Lunch or money for Lunch
Money for the pub if you want a pint
Spare tube

Forest is friend!



A couple of weekends ago about 8 of us left the big smoke to go camp and go riding at Penshurst Off Road Cycling Trail Centre or PORC for short. We joined another 8 people there, so we had a good group for laughs and shredz.

We wrapped up work at 6pm and hopped on the train from London to Tonbridge. By the time we got there it was pitch black. We had no idea where we were going and most of us had less than adequate lights for the unknown surroundings. We were relying on Marks Garmin to lead the way. Needless to say it took us the most “friendly” route… Which just so happened to be a 5 Mile cross country ramble “cycle route” through boggy trails and fields littered with cows and dung in the pitch black, hoisting our bikes over numerous styles and farm gates… It was great fun none the less… Made even more hilarious by Peter (Dear Susan Bicycles) playing film soundtracks at full volume through a minirig speaker he’d rigged up on his Surly Krampus…

Imagine the scene: Eight out of place city dwellers on Mountain Bikes riding through farms with Star Wars Death March blasting out…

We eventually arrived after a ton of ridiculous, broken english phone calls regarding directions to the campsite from the Polish and Spanish friends we were trying to meet there… They already had a roaring fire going and were ready to cook up a storm. Peter had braised up a spit for a whole leg of lamb that morning and we had loads of veg to roast… Ales were drank, food was eaten… We dined like kings…

The trail centre is an ever evolving landscape of twists and turns on the side of a large hill owned by a guy called ‘Mike’. He has a general love for cycling of all kinds and creating a haven where he can host events and races on a regular basis as well as keep the trails open for anyone to use all year round… The camp site isn’t an official pay per night place. He just asks that if you camp or use the trails you donate a fiver to help cover the parks upkeep…

The dirt jumps there are insane and range from small table tops to huge kickers and step ups that’ll throw you over 10 feet in the air with ease… I think we’ll need a bit more practice before getting rad on those… The highlight of the day was seeing Matt bust over a step up on the least suitable bike in the whole park, his Surly Cross Check!

We smashed around a few trails and realised we’d lost Petor at some point. We later found out that he’d hit a jump wrong and bashed his head open and broken 2 ribs. Bummer. It knocked some sense in to the rest of us that were’t wearing helmets and we decided to call it a day… Heal up soon mate…

Here’s to many more shredz with solid dudes!

Thanks to Dear Susan Bicycles for the pics and Stuart, owner of Bike Fix for organising the trip and cooking up an absolute feast… We owe you one…