SBC Cycles is a truly independent bike shop in the heart of East London, situated a stones throw from Old Street Station and sit right in between Shoreditch, Hoxton, Hackney and Islington

We're just two mechanics with near debilitating bicycle addictions. We love all types of bikes from Carbon Road to Vintage Choppers to Full Sus MTB's and have a special passion for the rare and interesting parts of bicycle history.

We believe that riding bikes is not only the best transport and great exercise, its also FUN! and we think that going to a bike shop should be too.

We met whilst working at Tokyo Fixed back in 2010 and realised we had a somewhat compulsive love of bikes, bicycle modification, riding everything and heavy music… With the seed planted we started working on the idea of opening our own space. These things never go as quickly as you think, but here we are in 2015 launching our own bespoke workshop.

Having worked in a fair few bike shops in the past 17 years, we've taken all of the best bits from our previous jobs to create a destination store for cyclists, created by cyclists. The shop was designed and fitted out solely by us. Nearly all of the furniture and fixtures have been handcrafted and built from scratch using recycled and found materials. We hope you'll feel as 'at home' here as we do.

We have a fully equipped professional workshop that can cater for any servicing and repairs. Along side that we specialise in custom bicycles and hand built wheels. We have the capacity to fix absolutely any mechanical issue that you may have, regardless of what type of bike you own. We stock a variety of parts for builds, along with componentry and upgrades across all cycling disciplines.

Our ideology behind the shop is based around adventures on bikes, whatever shape or form. Whether it’s shredding trails in a forest, riding track bikes on the street, day long road rides or touring the mountainous landscapes of the world. As long as it’s with a good group of friends."

We hope to see you in the shop soon...

Jamie & Mark