Larry Vs Harry - Bullitt Cargo Bikes

About Larry Vs Harry

Larry Vs Harry hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their 'Bullitt' cargo bike is the collaborative effort of friends Larry and Harry. Designed and manufactured following the realization that other Cargo bikes on the market didn't offer the versatility and aesthetic qualities they wanted from their bikes!

Bullitt Cargo bikes are by far the fastest, toughest and best looking cargo bikes in the world. It's a cleverly designed, one size fits all cargo powerhouse, that comes in 9 radical colour finishes to tickle your taste buds... Don't worry there is a black or raw option too... We believe these bikes are here to revolutionize the way you see travel with cargo and we are proud to be the number one shop for custom built Bullitt Bikes in London!

With both of us at SBC being 'non-car-driving' parents, we needed a way to get our kids around without having to deal with the public transport system that every Londoner detests so much... This is where Bullitt comes in! Having such a long wheelbase and low centre of gravity for the cargo area it makes the bike super stable and safe for transporting your precious cargo (human or not!). Compared to all other Cargo bikes on the market, for it's size it's by far the lightest and most nimble too!

Larry Vs Harry's Bullitt's are unique shape-shifters that can take on many forms. Whether you need it for your job as a courier, to haul heavy tools for your trade, to carry ALL THE BEERS to a party in the woods or to carry around your family and do the weekly shopping trips, it's the perfect choice. After a single ride on one of these machines you'll quickly realize that this can without doubt, be a sustainable replacement for your car, along with the health benefits you get from cycling daily it's practically a 'no brainer'... Chuck Norris once went for a casual ride on a Bullitt and accidentally beat the round the world record, so...

There are many Bullitt accessories to dial in the bike to suit your needs, from the basic flat bed floor panels to large aluminium cargo boxes to fully waterproof protective canopies to carry your little monsters!

Every Bullitt bike that leaves SBC Cycles is a full custom spec. This ensures you get exactly what you want and need from the bike. Fire us an email about building one up!


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Tech Specs and Build Prices

Derailleur Models

  • Shimano Deore 20 sp - £3700

  • Shimano XT 12sp - £4540

Hub Gear Models

  • Shimano Alfine 8 speed Chain - £3740

  • Shimano Alfine 8 speed w/ Gates - £3990

  • Shimano Alfine 11 speed w/ Gates - £4235


  • Shimano STePs 6100 Nexus 5sp Di2 Chain - £5910

  • Shimano STePs 6100 Nexus 5sp Di2 Gates - £6150

  • Shimano STePs 6100 Alfine 11sp Di2 Chain - 6040

  • Shimano STePs 6100 Alfine 11sp Di2 Gates - £6380

  • Shimano StePs 6100 XT 11sp Di2 - £6160

  • Shimano STePs EP8 Nexus 5sp Di2 Chain - £6720

  • Shimano STePs EP8 Nexus 5sp Di2 Gates - £6960

  • Shimano StePs EP8 XT 11sp Di2 - £6970

Custom Builds

  • Framesets (all colours) - £2465

  • Complete Custom Build - Please contact us for a quote

  • Bullitt Custom Bike Build Labour - *From £250

  • Bullitt Custom Wheel Build Labour - *From £100 Pair

  • Bullitt Accessories - Listed below

Weight Info

  • Frame Kit with Fork & Kickstand - 13.7kg

  • Honeycomb Board & Attachments - 2.8kg

  • Side Panel Kit inc. Attachments and Cover - 3.8kg

  • Canopy inc. Attachments and Sidebars - 5.7kg

  • Foldable Seat - 3.4kg

  • 135l Waterproof Aluminium Box - 7kg

  • 145l Standard Aluminium Box - 13kg

  • Max Capacity (inc. Rider) - 180kg

Frame & Fork

  • Frame - 7005 / T6 Heat Treated Aluminium

  • Fork - CroMo Steel

  • Kickstand - Reinforced Aluminium with Plastic Feet


  • Seatpost Diameter - 31.6mm (34.9mm Clamp)

  • Bottom Bracket - 68mm English Thread

  • Stem Extension - Easy Up (100mm)

  • Dropout Spacing - 100mm Front / 135mm Rear

Brake Details

  • Max Disc Size - 203mm Front / 180mm Rear

  • Front Brake Hose Length 2400mm

  • Rear Brake Hose Length 1400mm


  • Front Wheel - 20" (Max Tyre 2")

  • Rear Wheel - 26" (Max Tyre 2")


  • Front - 44/56 inset (1-1/8" / 1.5" Tapered)

  • Rear - 1-1/8" FSA Orbit XL II

Dropout Kits

  • External Derailleur Gearing - Vertical Dropouts, IS discbrake mount, mudguard & rear rack mounts. Direct & braze-on front derailleur mounts

  • Internal Hub Gearing - Horizontal dropouts, IS disc brake mount, mudguard & rear rack mounts

  • Coaster Brake - Vertical dropouts with coasterbrake arm, mudguard and rear rack mounts

Frameset and Accessories Pricing