Thomas’s Bullitt / 26″ MTB Sacrifice

Build Spec

Thomas came to us with a 26″ MTB that he wanted to cannibalize to build a Bullitt Cargo Bike to carry around his child along with various other cargo haulage!

We had to use very few new parts to make this happen. Just frame and fork with a baseboard and bin, seat post, handlebar, stem, front wheel rebuild and extended hydro brake cables. We went for the derailleur gear drop outs as he was running a QR Rohloff and we didn’t want the chance of the hub ever slipping if he was hauling some big cargo! Also gives him the option of switching up to a derailluer gear set up in the future if the Rohloff gets used on something else!

I’m gutted I forgot to take a before and after shot to show the transformation 🙁